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Expeto powers British Bolumbia’s safe virtual healthcare delivery during COVID-19 

With healthcare workers being deemed three times more likely to contract the COVID-19 virus than the average Canadian, British Columbia’s public health authorities are using Expeto’s enterprise-first networking solution to provide secure remote care options for healthcare workers across the province.

Expeto’s Nextworking (™) Platform simplifies how enterprises connect and manage IIOT applications and devices over 4G/5G networks by integrating networks into a single seamless channel. Nextworking, enables enterprises to control, scale, and secure deployment for mission critical applications and IoT by containerizing LTE core network control functions, routing and QS functions. This platform allows them to capture and analyze data across disparate IoT sensors by leveraging distributed edge and computing assets.

The Vancouver-based company, founded in 2013, joined Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster to improve the health and safety of Canadians by supporting Canada’s commitment to address the COVID-19 outbreak while building expertise and capacity to respond to future urgent situations.

Expedo’s secure connectivity solution––which leverages compute on the Edge Cloud to ensure low latency networking and patient privacy––is an essential component for the remotely operated general-purpose robots currently being tested  in long-term care and clinical settings to provide safe remote care for COVID-19 patients. 

“We are excited to work with Sanctuary AI on this groundbreaking Virtual Healthcare solution, delivering the critical connectivity between remote healthcare workers and robots, ensuring the safety and security of the patient and healthcare worker, while protecting patient data,” explains Michael Anderson, CEO of Expeto.

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