Experience the Mutable Cloud Platform

Increase coverage by deploying the public edge cloud across multiple server and provider locations–instantly transforming them into micro-datacenters! Mutable Cloud never stops addressing the inherent technical complications at scale.

On-demand Scalability

Mutable’s multi-tenant cloud isolation optimizes on-demand stack scalability from hobby projects to enterprise operations with ease

Continuous Delivery

Mutable builds a remote container which can be individually tested before every deployment once deemed stable and passing

No Downtime Deploys

Mutable uses a blue-green deployment strategy which simultaneously runs multiple sets of code snapshots automatically and directs traffic to the newer build

At its core, Mutable OS is a software solution specifically designed and built for multi-datacenter server management and container orchestration for the communication industry.

Mutable Cloud Platform is built on the NixOS open-source Linux-based operating system with built-in infrastructure-specific advantages.

NixOS’ declarative approach to Infrastructure as Code provides for atomic upgrades, rollbacks, and reproducible system configurations in a consistently adaptable package. Most importantly though, NixOS’ codebase writing system allows for safe updates and unified provisioning.

Mutable deploys a secure, low-latency Public Edge Cloud on top of servers operated by our partners including:

- Telecom and cable operators

- Datacenter companies

- Enterprise partners

Just for extra piece of mind though, we still use Google Cloud as a backbone.

Mutable Cloud Platform ensures secure communication between containers, using our WireGuard mesh to securely transport data between servers.

This makes it possible to securely connect to data sources outside the local network.

Mutable’s Kubernetes platform is designed to help developers seamlessly build modern applications. The Mutable K8s platform handles all server operations freeing developers from focusing on DevOps. Mutable’s entire mesh system delivers a single Kubernetes cluster with a namespace for developers to run their applications on. No more need to provision resources – Just use what you need when you need it!