Acceptable Use Policy

Updated on November 2020

Use of Mutable Platform, Software and Services (Mutable Services) is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. This policy describes prohibited uses of our services and our affiliates services and may be updated and modified at any time by posting new versions on our website at By using our platform, software and services, you agree to the latest version of this policy. Violators of the policy may be subjected to suspension and or termination of our services. 

Illegal, Harmful or Offensive Use.

Prohibited is the use or activities on Mutable Services which in our reasonable judgement attempts to:

- Violate any law including but, not limited to: violating the rights of others, disseminating or promoting child pornography, offering, solicitation or promoting fraud, misappropriating intellectual property or proprietary rights of others

- Offensive content which is reasonably seen as defamatory, obscene, hate or violence inducing, abusive or invasive of privacy.

- Security violations which attempt to damage, interfere, or misappropriate assets in order to gain unlawful access to programs, codes or networks. This includes viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, customer data extractions, unlawful network probing, scanning or vulnerability monitoring, cancel bots and others.

- Network security violations which attempt to make connections to users without permission to communicate including crawling, denial or interference of service, spamming or intentionally over taxing or overloading such as broadcast attacks and other flooding techniques. 

- Interference with the use of Mutable Services, equipment used to provide the services or to disable, interfere with or circumvent any aspect of the services.

Mutable Services users are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws. Mutable may report any activity we suspect violates any law or regulation to appropriate officials or may internally investigate and take appropriate actions to any violation of the Mutable Acceptable Use Policy.

Violations of Mutable Acceptable Use Policy may be reported to: