The Public Edge Cloud

We are on the cusp of witnessing the long-awaited arrival of the next-generation of applications! AR/VR, IoT, Drone technology, autonomous vehicle and cloud gaming are forever changing the way we communicate, work, heal, move, and play.

But the promise of the data-driven revolution relies on constant access to low latency, high throughput bandwidth networks, and secure systems.

Mutable is building the Public Edge Cloud to sustain this next generation of applications with easily-accessible compute power on the edge.

Originally founded as the microservice platform in 2015 by Antonio Pellegrino and Nathalie Zadoks, Mutable took on its current form in 2017 when its founders grasped the potential of newly-introduced 5G technology to drive compute to existing or new micro-datacenters on the edge, thus providing the necessary latency reduction to power the next generation of applications.

Since then, the company has grown to a team of 12 spread across two continents, and secured a $1.6 million seed investment round in 2020. Mutable is currently working with several major partners to expand the Public Edge Cloud.


2015 led by Antonio Pellegrino and Nathalie Zadoks graduate from Techstars New York
2017 transitions to Mutable
Mutable completes  pilot edge deployment across three US states with COX
Mutable joins CableLabs
Start of partnership with MidCo
Secures $1.6 million seed round led by  Lunar Ventures, Fly Ventures, Momenta Ventures, Acequia Capital and Charlie Songhurst

The Partnerships that help us reach you anywhere

Public Edge Clouds don’t just build themselves. Here are some of the amazing resources and organizations that we are part of:

NYU Tandon Future Labs
State of The Edge
5G Open Innovation Lab
Kinetic Edge Alliance

Our Investors

Mutable is backed by some of the leading European investors of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Mutineers

Mutable rounds up an international band of misfits and dreamers spread across 4 global cities: Denver, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Yerevan — drawing from a diverse set of experiences to build the Public Edge Cloud.